About Heidi’s Pet Care

About the Process

Heidi’s in Home Pet Care offer’s pet care in your home.  We will come to your home for a free get acquainted visit with you and your pets, to answer any questions you may have.

At your free get acquainted visit will collect keys. If you do not want wish for us to retain keys for future visits, a service fee will be charged for future pick- ups/drop offs. (We require two sets of keys, one that I will leave at my home in case of an emergency. The other set I will keep with me during the day as I make my visits.)

We are often asked if a friend can do one of the visits a day. The answer to that question is No. We are the only ones that will be entering your home while you are away. There are many reasons for this the most substantial one is liability.

A Pet Sitting business carries insurance , which does not cover shared helpers participating in pet sitting duties .The responsibility for the care, custody, and control of your pet is ours.( Liability would  come in to question if a door was left unlocked or left open, a dog bites, a break in , broken or damaged property, lack of quality pet care, etc.)

Our reputation is built on the quality in which we provide service. The only way we can be sure that your pets and home are serviced to our standards is to provide these services our selves. Being deeply involved in the responsibility in caring for your pet is everything in the pet sitting business. It is important for your pet for their  pet sitter to know when it warrants a veterinarian visit. As a professional I can’t afford risking my reputation sharing duties caring for your pet.

About Heidi Bardelli

My husband Bob and I have had dogs and cats most of our lives and believe that our pets as well as yours are family members, and should be treated as such.

I am a life long resident of the town of Windham, Connecticut, as well as an animal advocate. In 2005 I opened Pampered Pet Daycamp Hotel & Spa. I was the owner and operator for 13 years, and also started the animal rescue group Windham 4 Paws.

Together Pampered pet and Windham 4 Paws have saved many lives. I am very passionate about the welfare of abused, injured and homeless animals in our local community. At Heidi’s In Home Pet Care, we provide an alternative to the traditional boarding kennel.

I believe if your pet could make the choice, I bet they would choose to stay in their own bed and familiar surroundings. This would also mean less hassle for you, no more scheduled pick up or drop offs. You would also have the added security that someone is keeping an eye on your house while you are away.

Although I will not be sleeping at your home, I will make several visits a day to pamper and give lots of love and attention to pets in my care.

I look forward to loving and pampering your pets in the future.

-Heidi Bardelli